Kiyoshi Hosoya
Kiyoshi Hosoya

We have undertaken business that is able to propose lifestyle in which everybody can enjoy a happy life at any age and sex under the invariable philosophy that “we pursue all employees' happiness on both heart and materials and contribute to the future of mankind by developing human resources that are required from society.”

As “a mere adventure company,” we must make efforts by conquering many difficulties and raising fighting spirit. We do everything by keeping in mind a saying that “We cannot reach the point beyond the point we pursue.” I have started several businesses and made their standards. This company is trying to offer an answer for solving social problems in Japan by extending its stage worldwide. We would like to create a company that is necessitated by society with high aspirations and vocation in order to fulfill this role.

Takefumi Nakamura
Takefumi Nakamura

We want to make a workplace like a sandbox in a park where we played before.

We are thinking about an ideal about service and the sites of product development that we offer. We would like to make device and mechanism for making the world cheerful and energetic under the environment like a sandbox in a park where we played when we were kids.
A park's sandbox is a place where everybody gathers, makes and demolish something, and makes it again without caring about sunset. Sometimes wordless, and other times chattering. There was an important learning for living in a play through a lot of sensation and compassion among people in this place. Fresh imagination and creation was developed here.

We would like to engage in the creation of device and mechanism for making people inspiring, solving worries, anxiety and inconvenience among people, and making money in such a workplace.