What’s New

Jun 06 2019
Aug 06 2018
Our group company started a new membership service "Kenko Socrates no Kai (Health Socrates Association)" on August 5, 2018. It is a service to aiming to share expert knowledge on dementia between members and revert from mild cognitive impairment.
Jul 25 2018
Opening ceremony of "Cambodia Institute of Japanese Technology" will be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Sep 1, 2018. We sincerely express our gratitude for being supported by many people, we will continue to manage it.
Apr 05 2018
"Cambodia Institute of Japanese Technology (CIJT)" located in Phnom Penh, operated by our group companies "JQC" and "JQCC" received an approval from Ministry of Education of Cambodia in April 2018. "CIJT" is a school where students learn skills and knowledge on elderly care, and its basic spirit. Canbodia's students can study at free of charge in most cases.
Nov 17 2017
MUSE BRAIN opens HP in English.

Management Philosophy

1.The world must become interesting with a new idea.
The ignition point is an innovation created by imagination and creation.

We are going to propose the construction of “device and mechanism” for the creation of values for the future that meets the world standard for making the world cheerful and energetic.
We consider the activity of this proposal is the creation of new cultural industry.

We attempt to develop personnel as partners for the creation of multiple “devices and mechanism”.
The principle of its development is to “support each one's career development and develop personnel who can work with confidence and pride”.

We try to dissolve anxiety and inconvenience in society and individuals for the construction of “device and mechanism” that is anticipated by people around us.
We do not postpone solving problems and tasks we have now but actively attempt to resolve them.

We are going to improve communication environment that values “to communicate” and “to be communicated” by making full use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in each stage of actions.

The basic principle is “to enhance our heart and create a life of abundance of heart and materials” for fulfilling social roles.

2. An interesting person must create an interesting world.
This interesting world is underpinned by professionals who can enjoy foolishly honest efforts.

We create social climate of the meeting ground for professionals who have insatiable minds of aspiration and inquiry.

We propose “devise and mechanism” that touch hearts universally by co-creation of professionals here as partners.

Through the activity of this proposal we aim for contributing to society by making a new market and making the world cheerful and energetic as professional “pioneers.”
The basic principle for fulfilling our social aims is that “every device and mechanism for creation is to be needed counted on by people around the world for making everybody happy.”